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For openers just look at this house:
...Gulf on one side and lake [the back] on the other.

This house had been in my head for a while and as the architectural plans were wrapping up I had many discussions with people in South Walton about builders; their strengths, weaknesses, etc.

This house was executed perfectly by Alan Ficarra --an experienced transplant from New York who KNOWS what to do to keep water out of a house.

I am a royal pain but Alan survived and we got the best house at the beach.

Not long after completion multiple tropical storms followed by a couple of hurricanes that also hit us.

There was not ONE DROP OF WATER IN THIS HOUSE, not under a door [many] or window [even more].

I think the night Ivan hit I slept through the whole thing -- never heard anything -- no rattling of chandeliers -- nothing. The yard was a wreck but the house -- nothing.


Jane Selfe

Ficarra Builders
(850) 267-2898 www.Ficarra.com
228 Market Street,
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459