Every home we build is a unique architecturally designed home that fits the needs of each client and highlights the specific advantages of the location.

As for whether there are any projects of particular pride, Ficarra says, “Some designs present some very challenging structural obstacles that do give a greater sense of accomplishment than others.”

Ficarra's Santa Rosa Beach office with a warehouse allows the company to purchase material for projects with a long lead time and store the materials until they are necessary at no cost to the client. His warehouse north of Seaside has a woodworking shop, allowing the environment.

Portions of both buildings are rented to tenants, which more than covers Ficarra’s overhead costs and allows him to charge lower prices than other contractors.

Although the green revolution is currently very popular, Ficarra considers it still in its infancy. “I’m sure as time progresses more and more people will be interested in including these new development ideas within their homes,” he says.

His plan for the company’s future: “To maintain our reputation as being one of the highest quality builders in the area.”




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