Dune Allen


The issue of the Certificate of Completion by the Walton County Building Department for the addition (of a bedroom and bath) to our house seems to be a good opportunity to thank you and your crew for a job well done. Not only are we pleased with the result, we were also impressed by the smooth progress of the construction. (Quite a contrast to earlier building experiences!!!)

Before we got involved with you, we had some doubts that the project would get off the ground. Of the two bids we obtained, neither fit our budget, yours being the higher. But unlike the other builder, who presented us with a takeit-or-leave-it offer, you were willing to work with us to keep the costs within our budget.

Other points of appreciation:

  • You delegated a capable and approachable supervisor to see the project through from start to finish. With Dan DeBell we developed an excellent working relationship, with the result that we got exactly what we had in mind.
  • We were also impressed by the quality of the work and by the care and diligence taken by all of your workers and the subcontractors involved.
  • For each phase of the project you provided us with a detailed budget update, including copies of materials bills and subcontractors’ invoices.
  • And, finally, you finished the project on time and well within the agreed upon budget in spite of some changes and add-ons.

Again, we want to express our thanks and appreciation. Should we ever decide to build our ultimate dream house, your company will certainly be the first we would contact.


Marcia and Rainer Hoeke