July, 1995

I would unequivocally recommend Ficarra Builders, Inc. as a residential homebuilder in the north Florida panhandle area. In 1995, we employed them to construct our home in Seaside.

I found Ficarra Builders to be as follows:

  • Reliable estimators of the cost of construction based on plans submitted without change.
  • Extremely competent and detailed in record keeping and billing procedures.
  • Craftsmen who take their business seriously and produce a quality product with a desire to please the owner.
  • Helpful and instructive as to design and materials which can withstand the harsh elements of the north Florida panhandle environment, and most importantly, horizontal rain and hurricanes.

Finally, I would like to add that Ficarra Builders, Inc. stands behind its work and follows up on punch list items to the satisfaction of the owner and completion of the job. Our experience with Ficarra Builders was a pleasant one and we are extremely happy with the home they built for us. I would highly recommend them to others.


David C. Scruggs