August 2007

(2 testimonies from the same owner)

2015 Testimony


One of the reasons we chose Ficarra Builders Inc. to build our home was because of your commitment to building a home that would last in these tough beach conditions. You told us the house wouldn’t just look good but would be good right down to the bones. You said it would be tight enough to repel the driven rain and tough enough to withstand the assault of wind and salt air. Your emphasis was on structural integrity not just a handsome facade.

Given the above I thought you would be interested to learn how your work was evaluated 8 years after the home was completed.

Recently we listed our Watersound Beach property and it sold for its full listing price the second day it was on the market. We used one of the largest, most respected firms on 30-A to handle the transaction. Their person who is responsible for completing the inspections reports on their listings sent us the following message when our report was complete: “FOR THE SIZE OF YOUR HOME AND THE¬†PROXIMITY TO THE WATER, THAT IS THE CLEANEST INSPECTION REPORT I HAVE EVER SEEN.”

They say the proof is in the pudding and the above statement confirms for me that you did exactly what you said you were going to do when you built our house. It has been a great, low maintenance, home that we have loved living in, and I anticipate the new owners are going have a similar experience.

Bill Goodwin


2007 Testimony

Dear Alan,

Valerie and I have had the opportunity now to build five homes, and easily, our finest building experience is the one we have just completed with you.

Ficarra Builders met, and in some cases, exceeded every expectation we had when we chose you to construct our retirement home in WaterSound. For that we are exceedingly grateful.

For starters, you did two things that were critically important. You finished the project close enough to budget to make me very happy, and you got us into our home when promised, which delighted Valerie.

Most importantly you constructed a house with great structural integrity and impeccable attention to detail. I know our home was a bit complex, but you exceeded without compromise.

My tendancy is to be an insufferable perfectionist, but the quality and craftmanship in this home are making it difficult for me to develop a punch list. On this point we owe so much to Dan DeBell, who managed the day-to-day process with such competence and care, that the work was done right the first time. Dan built this place as if he was going to live here.

Alan, throughout this project you were always available, you were upfront and forthright, and you did everything you said you would do. Additionally, you have surrounded yourself with a team of capable people who were always responsive to our every need.

During our time together you have moved from total stranger to trusted friend. You have built us a great house on budget and on time. You have provided an exceptional building experience and have affirmed the reputation that drew us to you in the first place. We are indebted. Thank you.


William O. Goodwin