Carillon Beach

March 2009

From the Home Owner

Dear Alan,

When we began our search for a builder of our oceanfront home, we interviewed several builders. Some made promises up front that we knew they could not uphold, including unrealistic budget estimates.

Others had not ever tackled the complexities of building an oceanfront home. We did our research and spoke to people in the community familiar with your work. They spoke very highly of your years of experience, integrity, and attention to detail. They were very pleased with their home years later.

We were so impressed that we actually waited for you to finish your current projects so that you could be the builder of our home. Once the construction process began, we realized that the wait was worth it. Your team was organized, available, and their attention to detail was impeccable. Because of their experience, they often anticipated the inevitable issues that arise long before they became a problem.

Our reputable architects also were impressed with your operation. They weren’t used to being called by the builder so far in advance regarding the next stage of construction. Our building experience was exceptional.

The reputation that drew us to you in the first place has been affirmed. We would be happy to share our building experience with any future customers.


Kathleen Nixon, MD and Gregory Berkey, MD


From the Architect: Dungan Nequette Architects


I have worked with a number of contractors on residential projects, and you and your company, Ficarra Builders, has been one of the best I have had the pleasure of working with. You were very conscience of budget and construction schedule, all the while maintaining a very high level of quality.

Early on in the process, you showed a great understanding of the project and worked with me to resolve potential issues before they ever made it to the field. The fit and finish of your work has been exemplary. Even the structural items, that were hidden by site work, stucco, and interior finishes, were done to a high level.

You thought through all the details and ask good questions at the right time. Ficarra Builders worked with me and the Interior Designer as a team player, and together we provided the Owner with a home that exceeded their expectations.

I would definitely work with Ficarra Builders again.

Heath Clement
Project Architect