January 2009

Dear Alan,

We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate our home building experience with Ficarra Builders.
Having been in residential construction for the past 32 years, I know the importance of selecting a competent and conscientious builder.
Since we live in California, we knew we had to find someone we could trust and have confidence in to build our dream home the way we would if we were able to be here full time.

Prior to selecting a builder, I walked two homes that you had under construction at the time, in addition to several houses being built by other contractors from the Seaside approved list. I found the quality of your work was far superior to the competitions.

From the first time we met with you, we have been impressed with your professionalism and concern for quality. You take extra measures to assure a soundly constructed home that many others do not.
Prior to signing a contract, you provided us with a detailed, comprehensive, and easy to understand budget. We were extremely pleased to find that not only did you stay within budget, you were under budget on many line items.

Our home was completed on time and the finished product demonstrates that the subcontractors you selected were as concerned with quality as you are. We appreciate your ability to work with our two families, accommodating our input and keeping us all updated throughout the process. We love our beautiful new home, and it’s been such a pleasure to work with you.


Jeff D. Grant,
Vice President, Diaz Construction Co., Inc.

Nanette Grant
Nona & Tony Garling