Pelican Point

December 2006


Debbie and I have something on our minds that we would like to share with you and the Ficarra Team

A year has passed since we received our C/O and moved into our new beach house. Over that time, we have had many enjoyable experiences at the beach

We would be remiss here if we did not reach out to you and your Team to tell you what an outstanding job that you did from the start to finish with our home.

Let me give you a few examples of what we mean. The attention to every detail was relentless, our project manager, Dan DeBell, was available 24/7 to work with us as needed and weekend meetings were never presented as a problem. Your personal attention on everything from the foundation up including monotoring the installation of all appliances, working with the cabinet makers….. etc, etc, etc was beyond the call of duty as we are very demanding folks.

Beyond the aforementioned, the fact that you and Dan still continue to check in with us and work with us to remedy any minor problems that pop up just adds additional value. Quite honestly, we have never had such a hands on and caring experience with any builder that we have delt with in the past.

Dave Nicki
Debbie Press – Nicki