June 2006

Dear Alan,

Dagmar and I would like to thank you for making our Seaside dream house project come to life without a hitch and despite the hurricanes of 2005-2006, on time and on budget.

We started looking for builders shortly after buying our lot in 2003. After several interviews with local builders we met you and immediately felt at ease.

We liked your attention to detail that we saw in your other projects as well as during our initial conversations. The fact that you had a 25-year building experience under the belt and a permanent crew of highly skilled workmen was the key deciding factor.

Once we had the architectural renderings you noted that this was a ‘whole lot of house in just 2500’ sq.ft. Our architect, Steve Dungan had created a three-story cottage with many complex features. We were happy to hear from you that your crew would be able to deliver the final product without a problem.

We were building this house ‘long distance’ and had to have a reliable builder who would not create any more stress than we already had in our busy lives in Atlanta. Your prompt response to our inquiries and your computerized book keeping helped take the guesswork out and certainly helped reduce the stress.

I am happy to say that you, Kenny (foreman) and the rest came through for us. In retrospect, I am amazed that we stayed within budget despite our change from tile to marble in the bathrooms and upgrading the wood to high-grade quarter sawn oak.

Your ability to work in harmony with our architect Steve Dungan, (Dungan Architecture) and Kim Fouquet (Interior decorator) was key in building the cottage that we envisioned.

We have rented this cottage for 2 years through the Seaside Rental Agency. The guest book is full of praise regarding the fine finishes and the architecture of the cottage.

We both appreciate being able to call you for any thing and getting a quick response even after completion of the project.

We recommend Ficarra Builders whole heartedly and without reservation to anyone contemplating a construction project in the area.

Gobind and Dagmar Singh